Our Canterbury Road project was featured in our Design-Build Blog. Design-Build projects seem to bring out the best in everyone. Sissy Austin, AIA designed a beautiful basement re-do and the channel of communication between the Owner’s, Sissy, and I couldn’t have been more positive. We had constructed an outdoor living space on site a couple of years ago and had a good feel for the needs and desires of the Owners and our sub contractors new the property very well, which eased operations pretty dramatically. The space was once the stereotypical dark and forbidding unfinished basement and is become one of the more pleasant living spaces in the historical Canterbury Road home. Special design elements include custom crafted steel doors, a spacious wine cellar and laundry, a spa-like bath, and a carpeted playroom. With careful floor planning, we captured every bit of storage space attainable. My hats off to the Build Team. Job well done!