Old Leeds Circle

Old Leeds Circle cuts to the core of what we do best. Our client-designer spotted the home and had a preliminary set of drawings produced for pricing and we were invited to run with it from there, in a “Design-Build” role. Design-Build work really has its roots in commercial projects where a central management team oversees all aspects of the project and various team members are provided flexibility to adjust on the fly, value engineer, or otherwise tweak the design without getting snarled up in red tape. This project came to us just before Thanksgiving, with a deadline of mid January, and we all knew that everyone would be tested by completing a 4-5 month project in this short timeframe, falling over 3 major holidays. We are extremely proud of how everything turned out and how well our various trades interacted together in a pressure cooker timeline as they did. The channel of communications between Builder-Owner/Client were naturally spirited at times; however, we’ve all become very good friends and enjoy advertising Old Leads Circle as one of our favorite projects.